The massive bush encroachment on 30% of Namibia’s savannah is a challenge for the Namibian economy and ecosystem. The bush encroachment increases water shortage, decreases cattle and game numbers and has led to a land productivity loss of more than 60%. The intruder bushes are primarily the species Acacia Mellifera, Dichrostachys Cineria, C. Mopane, Acacia erubescens and Acacia Reficiens.

De-bushing is a win-win-win-win situation: 

A win for farmers:  In the last 50 years, Namibia’s large livestock herd diminished by more than 60% from 2.5 mio. to 750,000. The restoring of the savanna will help to recover cattle numbers and economic perspective of the farmers.

A win for the environment:  Namibia’s environment benefits in many ways, but crucial are the increasing of bio-diversity and groundwater recharge

A win for Namibian labour: The harvest and biomass processing provides ample job opportunities - mainly in rural areas where they are needed the most.

A win for the Namibian energy supply: Biomass products are an important step towards Namibian independence from foreign energy. The harvesting of the invader bush makes available the local biomass for home and industrial use.


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